Stephen Baginski
Art Direction


Columbus College of Art & Design BFA 1977-1982


Carrafiello Diehl & Associates 2005-Present
SVP-Associate Creative Director
Sunny D Brands, Clear Eyes, Comet, Elations, Chloraseptic, Compound W, Allergen Block, Little Remedies, Mega-T, Lawrence Hospital, Fruit2O

Freelance, 2005-Present
Art Director/Illustrator/Photographer-Carrafiello Diehl & Associates, Gotham Inc. Glambrands, Maybelline, Avon, BMW Motorcycles of North America, Aromatix, Smith Barney, Kae Burke, Team Pro Am, Deep Notch Panoramas, Keenan & Buck Optical, Fat Witch Bakery. Six Point Brewery, Evolution NYC,

JWT, New York, 1994-2005 Partner
Kleenex, Lever 2000, Kodak, DeBeers, Miller Genuine Draft, The Wall Street Journal, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Bailey’s, Lubriderm, Clairol, Lipton, Trident, Zantac, Celebrex, Lysol

Lintas-Gotham Inc. New York, 1992-1994 Senior Art Director
Maybelline, Molson

Leo Burnett, Chicago 1990-1992 Senior Art Director
Noxzema, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Phillip Morris, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Oldsmobile, Kraft, McDonald’s

Crux Gallery, Chicago 1990-1992
Owner-Operater/Gallery Manager
Exhibit and promote various contemporary artists, responsible for screening artists, managing art gallery,graphics, advertising and direct mail

DDB Needham, Chicago 1988-1990 Senior Art Director
Michelob, Michelob Dry, Household Finance, Clorox, McDonald’s, Audi, Volkswagon, Bud Light, Bud Dry

Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago 1984-1988 Art Director
Cessna, Sears, The Chicago Tribune, McDonald’s, General Dynamics, Bosch, Old Style Beer, The Army, Blaupunkt, Waste Management


InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator in training, Illustration, Photography, Copy-Writing currently taking Flash 8 @ The School of Visual Arts, New York City

Highlights of Career in Advertising:

1. Introduces McKids to Market @ Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago
2. Introduces Michelob Dry to Market, London Film Festival/editing/music/cinematography. Chicago & New York Film Festivals, editing/music/cinematography, Clio Merit Award, Integral in Multi-Million Dollar Win of Discover Card, Invents Farfegnugen Icon for Volkswagon, DDB Needham, Chicago
3. Reintroduces Noxzema to Market featuring Rebecca Gayheart (The Noxzema Girl & Babe of Year MTV) along with Jared Leto, Redesigns Rice Krispie Characters, "Snap" "Crakle" & “Pop" which is still on shelves today. Leo Burnett, Chicago-Owns Crux Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, Chicago @ same time.
4. Recreates Maybelline Advertising & Brand, Client claims "Best Ads Ever!", Lintas/Gotham, New York City
5. Wins $30,000,000.00 in Pharm Business from Pfizer in form of Celebrex, Introduces Smirnoff Ice to Market JWT New York City

Skills & Talents:

1. Former Art Gallery Owner, Crux Gallery, Chicago
2. Artist, Bookmaker, Sculptor, Illustrator, & Photographer
3. Finishes class @ SVA, New York City with abilities that include an excellent understanding of the World Wide Webs & Innernets, a working understanding of Action Script, Designs Flash8 animations on Stage, Designs web site for Deep Notch Panoramas Unlimited, Creates & Designs Graphic Novel in Flash8, characters include David Bowie, Iman,Uma Thurman, Edie Falco, Todd Rundgren, Arnold & Maria Schwarzenegger & Family, including the Kennedys (memories, ghosts, hallucinations, the present, future generations), Gary the Caretaker & Mike the Dog.

Other Highlights

1. Shakes hands with Richard Nixon twice
2. Works with George Burns & Milton Berle
3. Works with Art Critic for Interview Magazine promoting Crux Gallery
4. Gets Johnny Carson’s autograph for Mom
5. Hangs out with Randy Quaid & Jonathan Winters
6. Gives Rebecca Gayheart first shot @ working actress
7. Gives Jared Leto first shot @ working as actor
8. Works with various super models in & around
Grenada for 31 days (Frederique, Odile Broulard Ashley Richardson, Sonya & Lucia) 021259 my birthday weekend buster douglas shocks the world.
9. Hangs out with Rebecca Gayheart, Brett Ratner various rap artists & up and coming models, agents producers, record producers & tennis stars
10. Works with Tyra Banks for Maybelline
11. Works with Famke Jansen for Maybelline
12. Works with Jane Seymour for Clairol
13. Hangs out with Odile
14. Meets Christy Turlington
15. Meets Chrity’s Mom
16. Works with Julia Dryfus for Clairol
17. Works with Sela Ward for Clairol
18. Works with & smokes Marlboro’s with Adriana Lima-surprised because she talks & sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger
19. Works with Mario Andretti
20. Eats along side, chats with Bill Blass & Iman for years @ favorite Italian joint
21. Sean Penn & Harry Dean Stanton want to hang out but decides to go to bed instead
22. Shooting with Walter Chin & Christy
22. Shooting with Jeff Priess, Liz Turlington Chrity’s Mom-gets great big hugs
23. Hangs out with, laughs, has cocktails with Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins
24. Meets Hillary Black

Additional Thanks, Praise & Moments

Yoko Ono
Bridget Hall
Parker Posie
Chuck Spear & Family
Leslie Wygant
Lisa Mirchin
Tony DiGrigorio
Tony D’Orio
John & Joe Pytka
Joe Canzani
The Columbus College of Art & Design
East High School
St. Anne
Terry Cosgrove
Doug Behm
Craig Fiegan
Dominic Miolo
Rebecca Gayheart
Milton Berle & George Burns
Carl Furuta
Peggy Sirota
Matt Badger
Peter Smille

Leslie Dektor
Christian Siechrist
Crux Gallery
Brad Gibbs
Jeff Alward
Dennis Ryan
Bob Scarpelli
Joe Gallo
Doug MClatchy
David Bando
Bernie & Margo Owett
John & Julian Koenig
Amy Nicholson
Richard Kirschenbaum
Bill Oberlander
Dan Heagy
Patty Michaels
Michael Hart
Chris Ilagan
Jerry Carrafiello
Cindy Ross
Jim Theodore
Bob Haddad
Anita Hinders
Sally Padavic

Bernie Klim
Mike Kaiser
Dave Herrick
Dick Syska
Pat Donovan
Mike Ronsley
Suzanne Faber
Nancy Hannon
David Faber
Barbara Gorder
Bill Klimas
Bruce Ritter
Mike Lowes
David Lowe
Dan & Patty O’Donnell
Toni Hess
Rick Cowdry
Jeff Simpson
Allan Platt
Bill Hamilton
Jim Patterson
Peter DeJonge
Chris Farley

Top Ten Movies

Dr. Strangelove
Once Upon a Time in America
Before Night Falls
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
True Romance
Dogtown and Z-Boyz
Natural Born Killers
Good Fellas

Top Ten Books

Love in the Time of Cholera
100 Years of Solitude
The First Man
The Wind Up Bird Chronicle
The Stranger
The Fall of Berlin
Ninety-Two in the Shade
The Bushwacked Piano

Top Ten Artists

Gerhard Richter
Joseph Beuys
Andy Warhol
Anslem Keifer
Bill DeKooning
Robert Rauschenberg
Jasper Johns
Jenny Saville
Jeff Koons